Finis Luna monofin first look

It’s here!! The kind folks at Finis lent me their new mermaid range to try out, including the Luna silicone monofin and I am so excited to have got my fins on it!

Aside from sharing a name with my little black cat, the Luna is exciting as it’s the world’s first silicone monofin, and it’s mermaid shaped – so it’s a great way into mermaiding without a full tail.

finis luna monofin first swim |

It’s also softer than plastic (like Fin Fun, Hydra and the other Finis fins) and rubber (like Mahina), and so I think would probably fold well into a suitcase for mermaiding on the go. I’ll give that a go for the next video, actually!

Here’s my first look / first swim video – I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it! Will do a full review in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the Luna loveliness:

You can also watch the video on YouTube 🙂

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Customised mermaid denim jacket

Obviously even the most obsessed of mermaids can’t wear a tail all the time… so what’s a mer to do on land?

Customise her favourite denim jacket, of course…

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches |

I found some amazing blue sequin patches on Apatchy – unfortunately didn’t read the description properly and didn’t realise till they arrived that they had velcro on the back… which I had to unstitch before I could attach them securely to my jacket. Oops. But they are excellent quality and I am hopeful that now I have resealed the sequin stitching with fabric glue, all will be well… if not, I’ll embrace the shedding of sequins like miniature scales…

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches |

It’s low down instead of across the shoulders because my hair is insane and would cover it and catch on it if it was any higher up. Also, this way people can actually read it – and as part of the reason for this is to generate conversations where I can tell people I’m a mermaid and I run mermaid parties, visibility was key!

I’ve always loved tweaking and customising my (often vintage or thrifted) clothes to make them more me – and this was the perfect way to carry my mermaid self around on land. I’ve also added a “Team Mermaid” pin which I think was from Claire’s Accessories, and a glittery narwhal badge (because underwater unicorn!) whose origin I can’t remember.

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches | team mermaid pin | narwhal pin |

I’m set for the summer!

What mermaid customisations have you made to things you wear on land?

With love & narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xoxo


Mermaid toast – IN LONDON!

You might have seen #mermaidtoast on Instagram – and now it’s coming to London!

Baker Miss Trixie is bringing mermaid toast to the East Village Market in London this Sunday, 25th June. And the best bit? She’s giving out free slices to the first 500 people who come to her stand!

She’s created four different recipes, including “The Ariel” (strawberry and mint), “The Ursula” (blackberries & Nutella Oreo yoghurt), and they are so pretty… and a perfect way to test the waters of your mermaid dreams, no tail required!

Food artist and baker extraordinaire Miss Trixie explains: “I have been admiring Mermaid Toast, and its sister version – Unicorn Toast – for the last few months and couldn’t resist giving it a go myself, which meant getting straight in to the kitchen and playing with sea-themed colours and flavours. I’ve had such fun creating something which is as beautiful to eat as it is to look at. I can’t wait to see what people think of them at the East Village Market.”

Miss Trixie with her mermaid toast | Mermaiding UK |

All the details you need:

Date: 25 June 2017 from 11am

Location: Victory Park, East Village London – near Stratford tube station and Westfield Stratford car park

More about Miss Trixie can be found on her website, Miss Trixie Drinks Tea, and more on East Village E20 here.

What are you waiting for? Get your mermaid self to London on Sunday… <3

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xoxo

Mermaid tail first look: Mahina Merfin + Magictail Pro

Oooh this is a happymaking post!

I wrote a little while ago about my new Mahina fin, and how I want to take it on holiday with me as I think it’ll be glorious (and more powerful than my Fin Fun monofins) in the open sea.

But this mermaid is rather fond of a full tail, and not t;erribly handy with a sewing machine! Fortunately the fabulous mers in the UK Merpod helped me discover that Magictail, based in Germany, make a skin that fits the Mahina as well as their own Pro monofin. Yay!

I took the combination for its first swim last weekend – here’s the result <3 :

Mermaid tail first swim: Mahina + Magictail Pro – Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire, Mermaiding UK from Mermaiding UK on Vimeo.

Scuse the bumping into my cousin’s legs… he tried so hard to stay out of the filming!

I’ll do a proper review soon, and a comparison with the Finis Luna which Finis have very kindly lent me for a while, and of course with the Fin Fun fins. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know 🙂

Mermaiding UK is also on YouTube – come and say hello!

With love and narwhals, because underwater unicorns,

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xoxo

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s post – a custom mermaid jacket!

MerMay 2017 favourites

If you use Instagram, you might have noticed that May saw lots of mermaid illustrations popping up, sometimes from the most unlikely people!

Artist & animator Tom Bancroft started MerMay last year, challenging artists and illustrators the world over to create a mermaid every day for the month of May.

And what a response there has been! Here are some of my favourites from this year’s selection:

read more…

A Mahina mer-fin adventure

I love my Fin Fun tails, but on learning that my summer holiday this year is highly likely to include swimming in the sea, from a boat, I figured perhaps it was the perfect time to try out a bigger, heavier, more powerful fin.

Also, the Mahina is made of rubber and folds/rolls up into luggage – which is great, as it saves me trying to explain why I have a mermaid monofin strapped to my back while wandering through the airport at 5am 🙂

Having measured my feet with their very helpful guide, I seemed to be bang in the middle of the Adult Small and Adult Medium. I’m a UK size 7 and EU size 40 (which seems to sometimes translate as 6.5 and sometimes as 7 – shoe sizes are as bad as clothes sizes!) Also opted for the aqua rather than the coral, because it matches my hair!

In the end I ordered the small, and when it arrived, while my feet fitted, it was a tight fit and not entirely comfortable. So I went back and also ordered the medium – which fits perfectly, and I think will also have room for neoprene socks if I go that route. (Should anyone fancy the small, let me know as it still has its tags and I’d be happy to sell it on. Failing that, I’ll hang onto it for hen parties!)

And of course, no summer holiday is complete without a full tail. I’d recently discovered with the help of some mers in the UK pod that the new Magictail Pro skins fit the Mahina really nicely. So off I went to the Magictail site, and after some more size dilemmas, went for a Large and now have my fingers crossed that it will turn up and fit me, as well as fitting the Mahina!

Pros, cons, etc

I’m delighted with the sturdiness of the Mahina fin – it’s solid, it looks pretty, it’s flexible, and when it fell off my shelf just now it more or less bounced. It’s fantastic to have separate foot pockets, and I’m very excited to see how it swims – I read this review from Freedive UK and it seems perfect for sea swimming as well as posing and playing in the pool.

I think it’ll also be much easier to look after – hose it down, let it dry and off you go 🙂 no neoprene to dry off in the bath…

Downsides – it’s heavier than the tails & fins I’m used to, which is no problem if I can hurl it in the car, but might be an issue if I am walking to an out of the way beach somewhere. And even while just wearing it to chat to Mum in my garden, I was aware of the rubber of the foot pockets – I suspect they may rub much more than I’m used to.

But on the whole, I’m very pleased and very excited to get in the water with it (and with my tailskin).

Here is Clover inspecting my photography set up. She is a very exacting supervisory cat.

Mahina merfin (with cat) | Mermaiding UK |

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox