A Mahina mer-fin adventure

I love my Fin Fun tails, but on learning that my summer holiday this year is highly likely to include swimming in the sea, from a boat, I figured perhaps it was the perfect time to try out a bigger, heavier, more powerful fin.

Also, the Mahina is made of rubber and folds/rolls up into luggage – which is great, as it saves me trying to explain why I have a mermaid monofin strapped to my back while wandering through the airport at 5am ­čÖé

Having measured my feet with their very helpful guide, I seemed to be bang in the middle of the Adult Small and Adult Medium. I’m a UK size 7 and EU size 40 (which seems to sometimes translate as 6.5 and sometimes as 7 – shoe sizes are as bad as clothes sizes!) Also opted for the aqua rather than the coral, because it matches my hair!

In the end I┬áordered the small, and when it arrived, while my feet fitted, it was a tight fit and not entirely comfortable. So I went back and also ordered the medium – which fits perfectly, and I think will also have room for neoprene socks if I go that route. (Should anyone fancy the small, let me know as it still has its tags and I’d be happy to sell it on. Failing that, I’ll hang onto it for hen parties!)

And of course, no summer holiday is complete without a full tail. I’d recently discovered with the help of some mers in the UK pod that the new Magictail Pro skins fit the Mahina really nicely. So off I went to the Magictail site, and after some more size dilemmas, went for a Large and now have my fingers crossed that it will turn up and fit me, as well as fitting the Mahina!

Pros, cons, etc

I’m delighted with the sturdiness of the Mahina fin – it’s solid, it looks pretty, it’s flexible, and when it fell off my shelf just now it more or less bounced. It’s fantastic to have separate foot pockets, and I’m very excited to see how it swims – I read this review from Freedive UK┬áand it seems perfect for sea swimming as well as posing and playing in the pool.

I think it’ll also be much easier to look after – hose it down, let it dry and off you go ­čÖé no neoprene to dry off in the bath…

Downsides – it’s heavier than the tails & fins I’m used to, which is no problem if I can hurl it in the car, but might be an issue if I am walking to an out of the way beach somewhere. And even while just wearing it to chat to Mum in my garden, I was aware of the rubber of the foot pockets – I suspect they may rub much more than I’m used to.

But on the whole, I’m very pleased and very excited to get in the water with it (and with my tailskin).

Here is Clover inspecting my photography set up. She is a very exacting supervisory cat.

Mahina merfin (with cat) | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox


Mermaiding UK on BBC radio

I was on the radio this morning, talking about mermaiding as a second job, being a professional mermaid, and the UK mer community!

BBC Hereford and Worcester got in touch to see if I’d speak to them on air about having a quirky second job – and to explain mermaiding to a wider audience. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity ­čÖé

Stop the press - there's a mermaid! | Mermaiding UK on BBC Radio | mermaiding.co.uk

You can listen here or by clicking the image above:┬áBBC Hereford and Worcester radio show┬á– the segment is from 09:58 minutes onwards. Despite the titling, I am in fact a Colchester woman, not a Worcester one. But mermaiding knows no county boundaries…

I’d love to know what you think – and if you’re a BBC listener joining us, hi – it’s lovely to have you here!

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox

(Yes, I completely ran out of time to mention my mer name. There’s always next time, though, right?)

A tail of the Cotswolds…

I treated myself to a new tail over the winter, Fin Fun’s Maui Splash. In glorious ombre pink & blue, it’s exactly my colours and I couldn’t resist!

Over the May bank holiday I was away with my uni girls, staying in a lakeside cottage in the Cotswolds Waterpark. What better place to take my tail for its first outing?

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire ombre tail | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

The sun didn’t actually come out until the evening of our second day there, but as soon as it did we dashed out to take photos (having first made sure the guy who was fishing had packed up for the night – didn’t want to scare him!)

The girls, while not mermaids (yet!) themselves, were brilliantly supportive and even came to pose with me:

Spot the mermaid! Friends with Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire on the lake | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk Spot the mermaid! Friends with Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire on the lake | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

The lake we were staying on wasn’t swimmable, and the lake we went kayaking on wasn’t yet at mermaid-friendly temperatures, but I did manage to sneak into the water to pose, on the beach at the other side of the lake. And then walked all the way back to our cottage in a shell bra and wet knickers. The things we do for our passions…

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire in the lake | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

It was absolutely gorgeous, and it was also RIDICULOUSLY COLD! As you can tell from some of the outtakes…

Here are the rest of the photos – I’m yet to swim in this tail, but I’m chuffed with these photos, and I think it could easily become a favourite – it’s already in my signature colours!

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox

Mermaid Treasure – April 2017

As we shift into spring, mermaids are awakening everywhere – and here in the UK, I am seeing a wonderful flurry of mermaid-themed things – to wear, to decorate your home with and to decorate yourself with!


Mermaid Treasure - April 2017


Want to be featured? Drop me a line – hello@runawaydays.co.uk <3

With love and narwhals,

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox

Body posi mermaids!

┬ęPhotography by Grace Hill www.photographybygrace.co.uk

One of the things I love the most about the mermaid community is how it throws up new friends so often. The lovely Emily (who runs the Body Positive Mermaid Playground) and Polly, the Forest Mermaid,┬áand I have been talking a lot this year about life, business, the universe, and our desire to see more body positive merfolk in the world. Not all mermaids have a Disney body, and we’d like to show the world that you don’t have to look like Ariel to be an amazing mermaid.

My alter ego photographer Grace and I had also been talking about collaborating on shoots that stretched our creativity, so that we could improve our client work too, and we had been throwing ideas around about what we could do over the summer.

So when┬áI was introduced to the gorgeous Megan at Bodyposipanda by my fab hairdresser Holly, it seemed like a collaboration was meant to be! I already followed Megan and her amazing bodyposi work, and when she agreed to a body positive mermaids shoot, I think you could probably hear the squeals in Scotland ­čÖé

She brought her friend Joeley, and Emily was also able to make it for the day, and the four of us invaded Clacton beach for the day in early August.

┬ęPhotography by Grace Hill www.photographybygrace.co.uk

We were mobbed by children (and some of their adults too) wanting photos and to meet the real life mermaids – Megan and Joeley told them all about being Ariel’s cousin, and we managed to show a whole horde of people that any body shape or skin tone can be a mermaid – and beautiful with it!

Here’s a small selection of the rest of our images from that day…

Did you spot us on the beach? Are you also a body positive mer?

Mermaid Spa Day: Caroline & co

Caroline booked a bespoke mermaid spa day with relatives and friends – a total of six ladies who were all keen, and regular┬áswimmers, but who had never┬átried mermaiding before.

After choosing tails and making joyful mess while creating matching mermaid tiaras and shell bras, they put on their new creations, and, boom – six more mermaids were born.


Aren’t they amazing?

Here’s some more sneak peeks into their day:

Crafting up a storm:

With supplies for mini tiaras, full on crowns, jewellery and shell tops, my mermaids were spoilt for choice in what to create. As ever, I was amazed at the amount of creativity people have when they’re allowed to use┬átheir imagination for their own ends, rather than for work or helping children, as is often required in real life.



Photoshoot time!

Every mermaid gets a short photoshoot, so she can have lasting memories of the day she became a real mermaid. There are props and crowns and treasure (and the occasional unicorn horn) as well as the costumes & accessories they have made themselves:


And here are some of the results!






And finally, into the water. This is last partly because it’s a massive workout and I don’t want to exhaust anyone too early on in their day; partly because the timing at the spa means we often have the pool to ourselves; and partly because as much as I love mermaiding, getting back into a wet tail and fin for photos is a thoroughly miserable experience. So we had┬ácrafting and photos first, and then went to swim in our tails!





I love the sight of multiple mermaids mooching round the pool together – and I especially love the double-takes that the other spa guests do when they spot us!

I hopped into the frame for one last photo with these guys:


(forgetting I’d been demonstrating scale makeup and sporting a fetching blue patch on one cheek… who said being a professional mermaid wasn’t glamorous?!)

It was a gorgeous day, and they all went away in high spirits!


This party was a bespoke experience. If you’re looking to turn into a mermaid without the swimming, our mermaid photoshoot parties┬á(not just for hens!) might be just the thing.

Fancy a tail of your own? They’re in the shop – if what you want isn’t in stock, drop me a note and I’ll let you know approximate wait times – you can preorder to guarantee no customs fees.

With love and narwhals,
Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xxx