©Photography by Grace Hill www.photographybygrace.co.uk

One of the things I love the most about the mermaid community is how it throws up new friends so often. The lovely Emily (who runs the Body Positive Mermaid Playground) and Polly, the Forest Mermaid, and I have been talking a lot this year about life, business, the universe, and our desire to see more body positive merfolk in the world. Not all mermaids have a Disney body, and we’d like to show the world that you don’t have to look like Ariel to be an amazing mermaid.

My alter ego photographer Grace and I had also been talking about collaborating on shoots that stretched our creativity, so that we could improve our client work too, and we had been throwing ideas around about what we could do over the summer.

So when I was introduced to the gorgeous Megan at Bodyposipanda by my fab hairdresser Holly, it seemed like a collaboration was meant to be! I already followed Megan and her amazing bodyposi work, and when she agreed to a body positive mermaids shoot, I think you could probably hear the squeals in Scotland 🙂

She brought her friend Joeley, and Emily was also able to make it for the day, and the four of us invaded Clacton beach for the day in early August.

©Photography by Grace Hill www.photographybygrace.co.uk

We were mobbed by children (and some of their adults too) wanting photos and to meet the real life mermaids – Megan and Joeley told them all about being Ariel’s cousin, and we managed to show a whole horde of people that any body shape or skin tone can be a mermaid – and beautiful with it!

Here’s a small selection of the rest of our images from that day…

Did you spot us on the beach? Are you also a body positive mer?