Caroline booked a bespoke mermaid spa day with relatives and friends – a total of six ladies who were all keen, and regular swimmers, but who had never tried mermaiding before.

After choosing tails and making joyful mess while creating matching mermaid tiaras and shell bras, they put on their new creations, and, boom – six more mermaids were born.


Aren’t they amazing?

Here’s some more sneak peeks into their day:

Crafting up a storm:

With supplies for mini tiaras, full on crowns, jewellery and shell tops, my mermaids were spoilt for choice in what to create. As ever, I was amazed at the amount of creativity people have when they’re allowed to use their imagination for their own ends, rather than for work or helping children, as is often required in real life.



Photoshoot time!

Every mermaid gets a short photoshoot, so she can have lasting memories of the day she became a real mermaid. There are props and crowns and treasure (and the occasional unicorn horn) as well as the costumes & accessories they have made themselves:


And here are some of the results!






And finally, into the water. This is last partly because it’s a massive workout and I don’t want to exhaust anyone too early on in their day; partly because the timing at the spa means we often have the pool to ourselves; and partly because as much as I love mermaiding, getting back into a wet tail and fin for photos is a thoroughly miserable experience. So we had crafting and photos first, and then went to swim in our tails!





I love the sight of multiple mermaids mooching round the pool together – and I especially love the double-takes that the other spa guests do when they spot us!

I hopped into the frame for one last photo with these guys:


(forgetting I’d been demonstrating scale makeup and sporting a fetching blue patch on one cheek… who said being a professional mermaid wasn’t glamorous?!)

It was a gorgeous day, and they all went away in high spirits!


This party was a bespoke experience. If you’re looking to turn into a mermaid without the swimming, our mermaid henphotoshoot parties (not just for hens!) might be just the thing.

With love and narwhals,
Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xxx