Obviously even the most obsessed of mermaids can’t wear a tail all the time… so what’s a mer to do on land?

Customise her favourite denim jacket, of course…

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches | mermaiding.co.uk

I found some amazing blue sequin patches on Apatchy – unfortunately didn’t read the description properly and didn’t realise till they arrived that they had velcro on the back… which I had to unstitch before I could attach them securely to my jacket. Oops. But they are excellent quality and I am hopeful that now I have resealed the sequin stitching with fabric glue, all will be well… if not, I’ll embrace the shedding of sequins like miniature scales…

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches | mermaiding.co.uk

It’s low down instead of across the shoulders because my hair is insane and would cover it and catch on it if it was any higher up. Also, this way people can actually read it – and as part of the reason for this is to generate conversations where I can tell people I’m a mermaid and I run mermaid parties, visibility was key!

I’ve always loved tweaking and customising my (often vintage or thrifted) clothes to make them more me – and this was the perfect way to carry my mermaid self around on land. I’ve also added a “Team Mermaid” pin which I think was from Claire’s Accessories, and a glittery narwhal badge (because underwater unicorn!) whose origin I can’t remember.

mermaid denim jacket with sequin patches | mermaiding.co.uk team mermaid pin | mermaiding.co.uk narwhal pin | mermaiding.co.uk

I’m set for the summer!

What mermaid customisations have you made to things you wear on land?

With love & narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xoxo