It’s here!! The kind folks at Finis lent me their new mermaid range to try out, including the Luna silicone monofin and I am so excited to have got my fins on it!

Aside from sharing a name with my little black cat, the Luna is exciting as it’s the world’s first silicone monofin, and it’s mermaid shaped – so it’s a great way into mermaiding without a full tail.

finis luna monofin first swim |

It’s also softer than plastic (like Fin Fun, Hydra and the other Finis fins) and rubber (like Mahina), and so I think would probably fold well into a suitcase for mermaiding on the go. I’ll give that a go for the next video, actually!

Here’s my first look / first swim video – I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it! Will do a full review in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy the Luna loveliness:

You can also watch the video on YouTube 🙂

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