Monday was a significant day. Partly because it was my best friend’s 30th birthday, but mostly because I finally settled on my mermaid name, after months and months of debating with myself. (You can totally argue with yourself, but you always win and you always lose so it’s kind of exhausting).

I have been helping people find their alter egos, discover them, find out their names and attitudes and characteristics and styles, and weave them into their everyday lives, for quite a long time now. But though I have seven alter egos of my own, some more developed than others, I couldn’t seem to find the right name for my mer self.

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire | Carla underwater | Run Away Days and Mermaiding UK

I know her so well – she’s playful, joyful, kind. She has a tendency to get very frustrated when she’s not good at things first time round. Her very favourite thing in the world is floating on her back in a patch of sun, watching clouds wander by.

Like all my alter egos, she’s in love with vibrant, bright, bold colours. She loves to learn, and has an occasional competitive streak which is fierce when roused. It doesn’t happen often, though. She gets a flip out of helping others, whether it’s with business, life, or trying out mermaiding for the first time. She’s generally happy and positive, except when she witnesses people being unkind to themselves or others about the way they look, when she resembles a fire-breathing dragon more than a mermaid.

She is curvy and unafraid to show off her squidgy bits in a bikini and a stretchy tail, especially if it means other people see mermaiding as something they could do too.

But oh, how I struggled with her name!

And then yesterday, I was daydreaming while reading a book (pretty standard state for me), and a name slid into my head. A name that encompassed one of my favourite gemstones, a character I loved in a book I loved, and a Cornish word. My Dad and his family are Cornish, which makes me at least a little bit Cornish – so that felt right too.

So I declare my mermaid name to be Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire – it even matches my tail!

I’ll delve into ways of finding your own mermaid name in another post – it’s a joyful process and such a good feeling to discover the right one.

With love and narwhals,

Carla / Kerenza