After Christmas, the mermaid part of my business is usually pretty quiet for a few months – it’s too cold to swim, the studio takes ages to heat up enough to wear a shell bra comfortably, and summer days feel both a long time ago and a long way away.

April, however, marks the annual Merfolk UK convention, and for me the official start of the mermaid season.

This year I took the mermaid pop up shop to it as well as attending to socialise and swim, and it was absolutely glorious!

My lovely friend Jo came with me, with perfectly appropriate clothing:

Her top says “Mermaids don’t have thigh gaps”. My top for some unknown reason has birds on it!

And what a day it was! I loved meeting some of my online mer friends in person, and reconnecting with some people I’ve not seen since the last convention last year.

We were kept busy all day with fabulous merfolk buying baubles and trinkets and thingimabobs galore from my stall:

And I got to swim with some of my fabulous mer friends too, although have singularly failed to upload the video evidence yet!

Finally but most excitingly, I launched my newest service at the convention – branding photography for professional merfolk.

Branding & commercial photography is what I do for a living, and as the industry grows over here, mers are going to need photos they can use to promote & grow their own businesses.

With thanks to Merfolk UK for another fabulous event and Paul Dale for providing the photos for us to use as stallholders – massively appreciated as we rarely get to take good ones while we’re in the thick of trading!