I love my Fin Fun tails, but on learning that my summer holiday this year is highly likely to include swimming in the sea, from a boat, I figured perhaps it was the perfect time to try out a bigger, heavier, more powerful fin.

Also, the Mahina is made of rubber and folds/rolls up into luggage – which is great, as it saves me trying to explain why I have a mermaid monofin strapped to my back while wandering through the airport at 5am 🙂

Having measured my feet with their very helpful guide, I seemed to be bang in the middle of the Adult Small and Adult Medium. I’m a UK size 7 and EU size 40 (which seems to sometimes translate as 6.5 and sometimes as 7 – shoe sizes are as bad as clothes sizes!) Also opted for the aqua rather than the coral, because it matches my hair!

In the end I ordered the small, and when it arrived, while my feet fitted, it was a tight fit and not entirely comfortable. So I sold the small, then ordered the medium – which fits perfectly, and I think will also have room for neoprene socks if I go that route.

And of course, no summer holiday is complete without a full tail. I’d recently discovered with the help of some mers in the UK pod that the new Magictail Pro skins fit the Mahina really nicely. So off I went to the Magictail site, and after some more size dilemmas, went for a Large and now have my fingers crossed that it will turn up and fit me, as well as fitting the Mahina!

Pros, cons, etc

I’m delighted with the sturdiness of the Mahina fin – it’s solid, it looks pretty, it’s flexible, and when it fell off my shelf just now it more or less bounced. It’s fantastic to have separate foot pockets, and I’m very excited to see how it swims – I read this review from Freedive UK and it seems perfect for sea swimming as well as posing and playing in the pool.

I think it’ll also be much easier to look after – hose it down, let it dry and off you go 🙂 no neoprene to dry off in the bath…

Downsides – it’s heavier than the tails & fins I’m used to, which is no problem if I can hurl it in the car, but might be an issue if I am walking to an out of the way beach somewhere. And even while just wearing it to chat to Mum in my garden, I was aware of the rubber of the foot pockets – I suspect they may rub much more than I’m used to.

But on the whole, I’m very pleased and very excited to get in the water with it (and with my tailskin).

Here is Clover inspecting my photography set up. She is a very exacting supervisory cat.

Mahina merfin (with cat) | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

With love and narwhals (because underwater unicorns),

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire xox