Apologies in advance, mers, I’m about to say the C-word…. Christmas.

Yes, it’s late September, so as a small business owner, I am already thinking about Christmas! And so might you be, as it’s payday 🙂

Ways I can help with the Christmas madness:

Mermaid gift ideas

The online boutique

Is there a mermaid, or an aspiring mermaid, in your life? (Or is it secretly you?)

mermaid gift ideas, gift ideas for mermaids | mermaiding.co.uk/shop

We all know at least one, and if you like mermaids there’s a good chance you also like unicorns and all things magical and fairytale. To this end, I have been stocking the shop with all kinds of goodies, so you can start to stock up early on everything from make up brushes to jewellery to mermaid tail blankets.

The craft market

When was the last time you went to an actual place to browse and buy actual things? (Not for a while, if you’re anything like me – I spend far too much time online these days!)

Mermaids aren’t yet mainstream enough for me to have an actual high street shop – but I see no reason why I can’t have a high street presence anyway. So from October I will be having a regular stall at the Minories gallery in Colchester, on the first Saturday of every month. (Except October, which is on the 14th due to graduation ceremonies).

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire in the lake | Mermaiding UK | mermaiding.co.uk

Pop in and say hello – there’s a high chance I’ll be wearing a tail on the day!

The mini photoshoot

If you or someone you know has always wanted to be a mermaid, my mini sessions are a perfect way to try it!

A studio based photography session with full access to the Mermaiding UK tail wardrobe and props box, it’s an ideal Christmas gift (or any other time of year gift, come to that).

Half term sessions are running on 28 October 2017 – click here or the picture below for full info and to book. I can also produce gift certificates for the next sessions, dates to be confirmed, for Christmas purposes 🙂

Mermaid Mini Sessions advert | mermaiding.co.uk

And finally…

I’m collaborating with artist Rhiannon Bull to create custom fantasy art with you as the centrepiece – drop me an email if you’re intrigued by this and I’ll send you the gallery as soon as it’s up.

I also offer portrait sessions, either in your own tail or using one of mine, throughout the year. More details coming soon!

Hopefully that’s helped to ease the Christmas panic a little bit – don’t forget to tag @mermaidinguk with all your mermaid antics!