Mermaid Mini Photoshoots | Mermaiding UK |

I’m combining the two things I’m asked for most – photography and mermaid tails!

Lots of people have said they’d love to book a hen party/birthday party, but don’t have enough friends who’d be willing to do the mermaid thing.

I would say get different friends, but figured it’d be much easier to just put together some mermaid photoshoots instead…

Using the gorgeous Loft studio in Colchester, you’ll get to choose your tail from the Mermaiding UK wardrobe, raid the props box for your favourite accessories, and then have a 20-30 minute photoshoot as a mermaid.

The session includes four professionally edited photos with a print licence for personal use – if you decide you can’t live without the others, you’ll be able to order more on the day.

It’s time to show the world your inner mermaid – with beautiful photographs!

Find out when the next sessions are and book your place by clicking here.

Portrait sessions for professional & hobbyist mermaids, and fantasy art sessions collaborating with artist Rhiannon Bull, are also on the cards – hop on the MerMail list to keep posted!