Throwback Tuesday on the blog today – it’s cold and wintery and nearly December, so high time we had some warm, sunshiney, holiday reminiscence before the Christmas madness starts, I think 🙂

In July I spent two weeks on the beautiful island of Rhodes, with my Mum and my lovely family. They’re based in Lindos, and they promised me there would be ample mermaiding time… and they were right!

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire swims underwater at Haraki Beach | Mermaiding UK |

We flew with hand luggage, which would have been interesting even if I hadn’t insisted on taking my biggest fin… but the Mahina, being rubber, rolls & folds like none of my other fins at the time, and is also my most powerful fluke, and my favourite for sea swimming.

On the plus side, fabric tails take up almost no space, and the Magictail Pro skin I took rolled up as small as one bikini 🙂

So having squished in my clothes & new prescription dive mask, courtesy of Sportviz (more on that beauty later), camera safely in my handbag, off I trotted to the airport.

It took us a few days to get round to going to the beach, as it was 47 degrees in the shade and even for me that’s too hot! But I swam every morning & evening in the pool, and sliced up my Mahina to fit my insanely high instep better (more on that later, too).

I took my underwater camera with me (it’s an SJ4000 and I wouldn’t be without it), and my cousin who was with us got a GoPro Hero for her birthday shortly before we left, so she was keen to try it out. Lots of the underwater footage is hers and I’m muchly grateful!

We swam at Haraki Beach, which was pebbly, warm and crystal clear. There were shoals of little sparkly fish, and some beautiful stones which we dived for, but not too many enormous fish. It does drop steeply into deeper water after a few feet of wading, which made it perfect for mermaiding as there was minimal inelegant shimmying on my bottom!

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire swims underwater at Haraki Beach | Mermaiding UK |

We also went out on the boat and dived from it – not quite so many photos & videos as I was way too busy enjoying the deeper water, and also the first dive I went in just the fin, not a full tail. More photos in a later post.

But it was totally magical! And to be able to mermaid properly in deep saltwater is an experience I won’t forget in a hurry… I want to go back and do it all over again <3

Here’s a quick video from the Haraki day:

Real mermaid Kerenza Sapphire swims underwater at Haraki Beach, Rhodes from Mermaiding UK on Vimeo.

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