Pop up shops are usually subject to weather conditions – and if it’s pouring with rain, outdoors ones are often abandoned.

But at the Harwich Maritime Festival, there were four of us sharing two big gazebos – and we decided to brazen it out together as much as we could.

From left to right, there’s me at Mermaiding UK, Rachael Richards Ropework, NaviStitch and Silver b jewellery. Such a very lovely bunch of ladies!

People turned out despite the rain, and we had a really good day – though we had to give in to the weather by 4pm, as it was taking all four of us putting all of our weight on each corner just to keep the gazebos from making a bid for freedom and landing in the sea!

In one of the lulls, I put on my tail and sat in a puddle, because why not? It brought a smile to some people’s faces 🙂 Dress is my custom mermaid one, by Louise Rose Couture, and jacket is my custom denim one which I made mermaidy last year.

Once we’d packed up our stalls, I braved the rain to go and see the Nancy Blackett – Dad instilled a love of Swallows & Amazons in me at a young age, and I think he’d have been most disappointed if I didn’t go and see Nancy while I could.

And I had a most emotional moment, standing on the jetty, looking up at the sky through her flags, and knowing that Dad was close by and so proud.

I only have one more event planned this year, at Wivenhoe House in November, but you can always shop the whole range here on the website.