It’s no secret that mermaids love sparkle and glitter, and this mermaid loves it so much she wears it whenever makeup is called for.

Mermaid hen parties also get through copious quantities of any makeup which is shimmering, sparkling or glittering – it goes with the territory.

So I am always on the lookout for glittery goodness to add to the Mermaiding UK props & makeup box, and this weekend I hit gold in Primark, of all places!

I’d gone in for the new Harry Potter collection (which you can read more about over on my personal lifestyle blog), and tripped over all these beauties. Needless to say they all came home with me and are now stashed in the studio, ready for the next party <3

Primark mermaid makeup | Mermaiding UK |

Clockwise from bottom left: Mermaid tweezers, £1.50 | Metallic lip glosses set £3.50 | Glitter makeup bag (so much more mermaidy than the chocolate satin one I have been using) £6 | Highlighter cream in pearl & gold, £3 each | Holographic lip gloss set in Fantasy, £3.50

I also picked up a gorgeous glitter clutch bag for use in my non-mermaid life:

I’ll sort out a post or video swatching them in the next few weeks, but I am very happy with the quality so far – I’m no makeup snob, but I do like makeup to apply nicely, and to behave itself and not slip off at the first available opportunity!

The Mermaiding UK makeup box is full of everything from Chanel & Urban Decay to Primark & Collection 2000 – I collect shimmery makeup like Ariel collects cutlery!

What’s your favourite mermaid makeup?