I do like making people think twice, and there were plenty of double-takes at the wedding fair I exhibited at recently.

Mermaiding UK at Trinity Park Ipswich wedding fair | mermaiding.co.uk

Held at Trinity Park by THE Wedding Fayre (they do lots across Essex and Suffolk) I met lots of lovely brides-to-be and their bridesmaids,and had a great time explaining mermaiding and mermaid shoots & parties to people who hadn’t come across the concept before.  Lots of the children who came round had absolutely no idea what to make of me – which was hilarious!

It was also fabulous to meet a few people who are as in love with the sea and mythical creatures as I am. (Erm, obviously I’m not suggesting mermaids aren’t totally and utterly real…)

My favourite part? When people trod on my tail and apologised for hurting me. It never fails to make me giggle! And it was brilliant making people think about body positivity too – if I can be a mermaid, anyone can be a mermaid!

And the secret highlight of the day was when the fantastic Jolly Polly and the Pirates came over and persuaded their drummer David into a tail. He was great at being a merman, and it was by far Mermaiding UK’s most sudden transformation! Guerilla mermaiding… there’s a new concept to mull over. Great band too – will be heading to Suffolk to see them play soon.

First outing for the Finfolk fabric tail too – neoprene is a different beast to lycra, that’s for sure. I wore it with socks, and without a fin, as it was much more comfortable to wear for four hours that way, and it worked really well! Looked fantastic and I’m so chuffed with it.

Here are a couple of little details from the stand – I’m looking forward to the next one and have plenty of ideas for how to make it even better!

Mermaiding UK at Trinity Park Ipswich wedding fair | mermaiding.co.uk

Mermaiding UK at Trinity Park Ipswich wedding fair | mermaiding.co.uk

Fancy your own mermaid shoot, fantasy art shoot or mermaid party for adults? You’re in just the right place <3