This summer, the UK has had an unprecedented heatwave, which is brilliant, because lidos, sea swimming and open water goodness. And means I can float around in normal swimwear without having to worry about a wetsuit or extra layers.

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire in her Finfolk fabric tail at Brightlingsea Lido | lovely people at Brightlingsea Lido let me sneak my tail in for a very quick swim in a quiet moment at the end of the day – it was SO GORGEOUS!

But… it is SO HARD to find decent plus size swimwear, and even harder to find surf gear / wetsuits / rash vests for anyone over a size 14 – I am a UK 16-18 depending on how much cake I’ve eaten, and I love to swim – I also love my gear to be fitted, and am happy in crop tops and bikinis, though I do prefer a vintagey high-waist bikini bottom.

Currently I’m using a running top over my swimsuit if I need an extra layer:

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire in her human swimwear | Mermaiding UK | is by adidas, size 16 / Top by Karrimor, also size 16 (this is the closest I could find)

But it would be lovely to have a top designed for water use, and even better, some options in neoprene for the colder months! I can’t understand why surf and dive companies think that fat people don’t like swimming… I love my squidgy bits and I love the water, and would prefer not to freeze…!

Mermaid Kerenza Sapphire in her human swimwear | Mermaiding UK |

My hunt for decent gear turned up very little, but I know that Finfolk Productions are in the process of making new swim & surf gear, and their tails go up to 3XL (with an XL being around a UK 18), which is better than most. I’ll keep you guys posted when their collection is released!

On the plus side (see what I did there?!), I found some useful stuff for merfolk while I was hunting:

  • Waterproof seat covers – for coming back from the beach, and also for slinging your tail in the back seat without damaging your car – £16.99-£29.99 from Argos
  • Dry bags – for keeping all your human tech dry and safe while you’re swimming
  • Underwater cameras – I’ve heard good things about the GoPro Hero, but am also very fond of my own SJ4000.
  • Coolbags for keeping yourself and your lunch cool at the lido, the beach or just out & about 🙂

What are your favourite accessories for beach days? And do you have any recommendations for plus size surf/beach/swim/kayak gear?





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